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Pompeii quartz countertops are distributed out of Naples Florida. Pompeii is a part of a growing trend in regional quartz countertop brands we've seen popping up in recent years. We've see quartz countertop market share grow over the years.

In-fact the Marble Institute of America, the leading trade organization for stone fabricators, has stated that quartz countertops have eclipsed natural stone countertop installations. Due to this astonishing growth companies like Pompeii Quartz have come to serve the demand.

How do Pompeii Quartz Countertops Compare?

Pompeii countertops are manufactured using the same Bretonstone system used by other more well known brands. This process is the gold standard within the industry to manufacture quartz countertops of the highest quality.

  • Pompeii Countertops come with a 15 year manufacturer backed warranty.
  • Dozens of counter colors to choose from with many that include marble or granite-like veining patterns. These are truely a stunning high-end product.
  • Like other quartz countertop offerings, Pompeii countertops are incredibly easy to maintain and do not require sealer.
  • The non-porous characteristics of quartz countertops make them resistant to moisture & bacteria infiltration. Bacterial simply cannot break into the surface.
  • The stone used and manufacturing process produce an remarkably dense countertop that is scratch and heat resistant.

Pompeii Countertops Tampa Price

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