Tampa Marble Countertops

Below you can see a small sample of the marble countertops available at our counter top fabrication and showroom facilities throughout Tampa Florida. Countertop Discounts Tampa has a network of countertop fabricators & builder-direct warehouses with THOUSANDS of in-stock marble countertop slabs available at incredible prices.

Are Marble Countertops Right for You?

Marble is heat resistant much like granite countertops. Marble kitchen countertops can take the heat of cookery being placed directly on them and heat from hair styling tools when used on top of bathroom vanities. There are a few things that you will want to take into consideration when selecting marble countertops especially when it comes to maintenance and durability in high traffic, heavy use areas like in the kitchen.

Marble Countertop Maintenance

Marble counters will require the application of a countertop sealer periodically to keep them looking great. Marble countertops are more porous when compared to granite counters. That means they are more susceptible to staining as spills tend to absorb quicker and deeper.

There are ways to remove stains from marble countertops but it's highly recommended to keep onto of a maintenace schedule of applying sealer. Typically sealers for marble countertops are applied four times per year for most commonly available products. You may also want to discuss heat treatment with your countertop fabricator as this can extend the durability of the sealant applied.

Marble Countertop Durability

Marble countertops are not quite as sturdy as granite or quartz countertop options. You'll want to be sure to use a cutting board as knives are able to cut right into the surface of marble counters. The edges of your marble countertops can also potentially be chipped if run across by heavy pots and pans.

Marble Countertop Colors