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Granite and Marble Countertops

Due to it's density granite countertops are a popular choice for kitchen counters. This density means a hard surface that is scratch resistant and nearly inpenetrable to heat. These natural characteristics make it a great fit for the high traffic areas of your kitchen where you need a countertop that can stand up to the wear and tear.

Marble countertops are also a very popular choice for kitchen counters. Marble is inherently less dense than granite or quartz countertops and will require some maintenance. But for some the intricate patterns and brilliant whites more than make up for the need to apply sealer periodically. There are also some heat treatments for marble that can extend the durability of your marble countertops.

Other Natural Stone Counters

There are natural stone countertops options other than granite and marble for kitchen counters or bathroom vanities. Soapstone countertops are another viable option for high-traffic areas like the kitchen as they are non-porous and can take the heat of pot or pans being directly placed on them.

However, it is important to note that soapstone is a softer countertop when compared to granite & marble. This comes with an added benefit that any scratches that may appear can be simply sanded out or left in place to add to the natural patina. Soapstone slabs come in a range of monotone colors of white to black. Various patterns can be present from light veining to near consistent in color. Expect to pay a premium for soapstone here in Tampa. But for some kitchen designs it's worth the cost.

You may have heard disaster stories when it comes to limestone counters. Limestone is the most porous options when it comes to natural stone counters. It just so happens to also typically be the least expensive. There is a rustic charm to limestone countertops with some slabs found at our Tampa area fabricators featuring fossils embedded throughout the slab. You'll want to discuss maintenance and preventative care prior to purchasing these countertops as a acidic foods & cleaners can have a devastating effect.

Quartz Countertop Options

Engineered stone, most commonly referred to at quartz countertops, have become more and more popular. Quartz counters are made of natural stone that is ground up and mixed with resins and pigments in a vast array of colors and patterns. Two of the most popular manufacturers of quartz countertops in Tampa are Cambria and Silestone.

Cambria countertops are considered to be a premium brand. Silestone is another quartz countertop manufacturer offering a high-end engineered stone counter. You can typically expect to pay less for Silestone Countertops with prices around what you would expect to pay for a higher end granite counter.

The way quartz countertops are made means that they are non-porous and do not require periodic application of sealers like marble or granite countertops do. The non-porous nature of these counters means that they are anti-microbial in nature. Moisture and bacteria simply do not have a way to penetrate the dense surface. Quartz countertops are also able to withstand the heat found within a kitchen similar to granite countertops.

Tampa Countertop Fabricators & Installers

Still not sure what to choose for your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity? Countertop Discounts Tampa is here to help you every step of the way. We are unlike any other countertop company you'll find in Tampa. We've estabilished relationships with the topCountertop Fabricators in Tampa and we encourage you to shop around.

Competitive Countertop Bids

We don't just encourage you to shop around. We help you do it. Our direct insight into the countertop fabricators in the area and the below-builder pricing we receive from these companies means you don't need to sacrifice quality or service when it comes to your kitchen or bath redesign.

We'll help gather the information you need to request your quotes. Research in-stock and warehouse-direct options then work with you to review all quotes and specific countertop slabs to ensure you get exactly what you want. Once you've purchased your countertops our team will manage your project to ensure that templating and fabrication deadlines are met. Countertop Discounts Tampa is committed to clearly communicating with you throughout your project to be sure your installation goes smoothly.

Cabinet and Countertop Bundles

Want to save even more? If your kitchen remodel involves new cabinetry let us know. In addition to countertops we offer a great selection of custom and ready to assembly cabinet options with certified general contracts ready to install them. Countertop Discounts Tampa is here to help you plan, bid, and manage your remodel project. We're dedicated to making sure you receive great service, pricing, and a hassle free remodel.

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