KB Factory Outlet - Anderson

KB Factory offers 2 great locations in the Tampa Bay area. The owner of KB Factory Outlet also happens to be one of Florida's largest granite suppliers which means you get access to his huge inventory. Thousands of slabs and hundreds of colors to choose from. KB Factory offers ten Level 1 granite options for $35 per square foot all-in. That's three times more color choices than any other fabricator in the area.

All-in pricing means no hidden costs. If you have a 60 square foot kitchen and you choose a Level 2 stone that sells for $40 per square foot then you will pay $2400 all-in. Tax, cutouts, backsplash, and edge profile included. Best of all where many fabricators would charge you to cut into that second slab for the extra 15 square feet need to complete your design KB Factory Outlet only charges by the foot. That’s right they only charges you for what is used, nothing more.

Transparency and simplicity in pricing is what makes KB Factory one of Tampa Bay’s best countertop fabricators hands down.

8010 Anderson Rd
Tampa, FL 33634
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