KB Factory Outlet - Adamo

Need your countertops in a hurry? KB Factory Outlet is the only fabricator that offers a 72 hour turn-around times direct to the public. That's right for only six dollars additional per square foot you too can get your countertops installed 3 days after they come to take measurements. Top area builders don't get their countertops any faster.

No hidden costs. We love how easy they make it at KB Factory Outlet. They don’t charge extra for sink cutouts or edge profiles. The biggest reason KB Factory remains one of our top countertop fabricators is their all-in pricing model. No surprises here. They don't charge extra for cut-outs, backsplash or edge profiles. You can choose from one of five standard edges at no additional cost.

Only pay for what you use. At KB Factory Outlet you are charged by the square foot. Most fabricators charge you for the entire slab even if you only need a portion of the slab. This translates to huge savings when your project requires an extra 15-25 square feet to complete your design. Rather than paying for the entire forty five square foot slab KB only charges you for the additional square feet you need not the entire slab.

2727 Adamo Dr
Tampa, FL 33605
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